Knee Replacement Surgery For Seniors Soars

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthThe rate of older adults getting knee-replacement surgery has more than doubled in the past 20 years, a new study finds, but the surgery’s popularity has also led to increased rates of postsurgery infections and complications. The study, published last week in the Journal of the American Medical Association, looked at more than 3 million Medicare patients 65 or older who got artificial knees from 1991 through 2010. The annual rate of initial knee-replacement surgeries jumped from 31 per 10,000 Medicare …

Knee Replacements Booming, But Lack Oversight, Study Says

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthMore Americans than ever are getting their knees replaced. The number of knee replacement surgeries has doubled in the last decade, with a rising number of surgeries being performed on people in their 50s and 60s, according to the first national estimate of the procedure by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Additionally, a study of Medicare records found that older knee replacement patients become healthier and more active, the New York Times reports. Three years after being diagnosed with osteoarthritis …

The Three Stooges Fight Arthritis Fraud. Nyuk!

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Entertainment“Why youuuuu, I oughta…….!” Right about when your mom was telling you not to hit your little brother over the head with a saucepan (or was that just me?), the Three Stooges were doing their bit to make the world a better place with this little TV spot for the Arthritis Foundation. By this time, of course, Moe Howard and Larry Fine were old men, and they were on their fourth partner (First came Moe’s brother Shemp, then Moe and …

The Takeaway: Carbonation Nation, Exercising Away Arthritis and Skinny Genes

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Bulletin TodayMy parents tell stories of the once-a-week (if that) treat that soda was for them growing up, but by the time I reached childhood, there was an extra icebox in the basement just for Pepsi, Coke and Country Time Lemonade. Sodas and other sugar-sweetened drinks have become the go-to beverages for many of us—according to the CDC, about half of Americans consume them on any given day. Diet drinks weren’t included in the study (while diet beverages might not have the calories and sugars of ‘the real thing,’ they are associated with their own health risks), but as it stands, the average grown man gets an extra 175 calories per day from sugary drinks; the average woman, 94 calories.

The Takeaway: Cellphone Inventor Shines at Webbys; GOP Debate

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Bulletin TodayIf it wasn’t for him “we’d probably all be working at White Castle.” In a room where most people were less than half his age, Martin Cooper was clearly THE MAN.

Meet @JenVargas, Winner of the Orlando@50+ Twitter Contest

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TechnologyMeet @JenVargas, winner of AARP’s Orlando@50+ Twitter contest. Her tweets were RT’d the most over the 3 day event, so she wins a brand new iPad!