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Kids in Assisted Living: Everyone Wins

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CaregivingThere’s a children’s book series that has come out in the last year about a young girl named Carlyn and her visits to her grandmother in assisted living. It debunks the stereotypes about old people and long-term care. Here’s one line from Carlyn Meets Granny Girl’s New Friends: “Wow, this does not look like a place creepy people live, and I do not smell anything weird, either!” Carlyn said. There’s an even more interesting story behind the book. It’s written by …

Is Your Loved One Really Getting the Care You Expect?

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CaregivingRecently, there has been a great deal of controversy about an employee in an independent living facility in California who refused to do CPR on a resident, citing company policy forbidding her to do so. The resident later died, sparking many questions about types of facilities, the kind or “level” of care provided and their policies. Several investigations have been launched as a result of the incident. The facility at first said the employee followed policy, but later released a statement saying, “The incident resulted from …

Woman Dies After Nurse Refuses to Do CPR

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Bulletin Today“Is there anybody willing to help this lady and not let her die?” That was the plea of a fire department dispatcher in Bakersfield, Calif., on Feb. 26 when she learned that the nurse on the other end of the line would not perform CPR on Lorraine Bayless, an 87-year-old resident of the Glenwood Gardens independent living facility. The nurse said that no one at the facility was authorized to help Bayless, who had crumpled to the floor in a …

Nursing Homes Increasingly Slip In Arbitration Agreements, But Think Twice Before Signing

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Bulletin TodayAnyone who has or may someday have family in a nursing home, take note: A mandatory arbitration agreement is probably not in your loved one’s best interest. Though such agreements are becoming increasingly common at nursing homes and assisted living facilities, there’s good reason for family members of residents not to sign.

Living Alone: One Man’s Lament Touches Nerve With Readers

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthAn emotionally moving essay in the Washington Post last week about the loneliness and frustrations of assisted living has sparked an equally emotional outpouring from readers. More than 530 readers commented online and many sent letters after 62-year-old Martin Bayne wrote about his experience with impersonal administrators, underpaid but hardworking staff, lonely residents, and rooms that, ironically, aren’t set up for people in wheelchairs. Bayne acknowledged that, outwardly, his facility is impressive — clean, attractive, with good quality food and …

The Takeaway: The New Assisted Living

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Bulletin TodayRetirement Resorts: Aging retirees of yore may have moved in with family, headed to a Sun Belt retirement community or took up residence in an assisted living facility. Today’s retirees? According to the Wall Street Journal, they’re living on cruise ships, in spas, at “fully staffed homes in Costa Rica,” shared houses with other retirees or in “backyard bungalows” on adult children’s property.