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A Closer Look at Assisted Living, Part 2

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CaregivingEditor’s note: This is sixth in a series of posts by guest blogger Michelle Seitzer. Series recap: We opened with an overview of the levels of senior care and housing, then continued with tips on how to initiate a conversation about options and search for the best care. Next, we focused on independent living and assisted living; today, we’ll continue our exploration of assisted living care. Though it may be difficult to think of something as highly personal as senior …

No One Disabled in the Dining Room?

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthNothing like a disabled person to ruin your appetite. Or so it seems among some of the upscale retirement communities around the country, where the main dining rooms has been declared off-limits to their residents who are in poor health or disabled. The New York Times reports that several of these continuing care retirement communities, that include assisted living or nursing care along with independent-living apartments, have enacted policies that bar their sicker residents from eating in the main dining …

How to Choose the Best Care and Housing Provider

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CaregivingEditor’s note: This is third in a series of posts by guest blogger Michelle Seitzer. If you’ve been following this series, you now have an overview of the basic levels of senior care and housing, and a guide to knowing when “it’s time” to initiate a conversation about options. You’ve determined a senior family member or friend needs support. You’ve had discussions about budget, care preferences, and the desired location (i.e., senior apartments in his hometown, relocation to assisted living near …

The Takeaway: What Dad Wants in a Nursing Home; Debt Deal: Hip-Hop Style

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Bulletin TodayWhen it comes to “home away from home,” men are left behind. In her search for the perfect rehab for her father, Pam Gerhardt found that many assisted living facilities often forget about the other half. It’s hard enough getting your stubborn “still-young-at-heart” dad to agree to go to a home. So when he gets there, he should feel comfortable, right? 

Elinor Ginzler on Good Morning America

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Personal HealthYesterday Elinor Ginzler, AARP’s Director of Livable Communities, talked to Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts about how to discuss assisted living options with your aging parents. The segment was part of a GMA series called “Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk.” Ginzler talks about the signs that your parents are in need of assistance, and your responsibilities as an adult child. She gives specific examples of language to use when you need to discuss your options, and discusses compromises …