Scott Carpenter: The Luckiest Astronaut

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LegacyIn May 1962, Scott Carpenter became the second American astronaut, after John Glenn, to orbit the Earth — and the first to survive  a series of mishaps that might have ended in catastrophe. After orbiting the Earth three times in his Mercury capsule, the Aurora 7, and reaching a height of 164 miles, Carpenter prepared for re-entry. But then, according to an account on his website, things started to go wrong. The automatic system that stabilized and controlled the retro rockets …

Astronaut Abby – Inspiring Others to Dream Big

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VolunteeringThis is a guest post by Abigail Harrison. Otherwise known as Astronaut Abby, Abby  is a 15-year-old high school STEM student and aspiring astronaut whose ultimate goal is to be the first astronaut to Mars in 2030.   It’s amazing how one meeting, one interaction, one event can change our lives. This has been the case for me as I have ventured out to make my dream of becoming the first astronaut to Mars a reality. I may only be 15-years-old, …

Neil Armstrong: 5 Things You Might Not Know About the First Moonwalker

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LegacyIf you were around on July 20, 1969, you probably spent that evening as an estimated 500 million others around the world did, eyes glued to our TV screens as we watched astronaut Neil Armstrong climb down from the Apollo 11 lunar module and take the first steps by a human on the surface of the Moon. And decades later, the words we heard Armstrong utter at that history-making moment — “It’s one small step for man, one giant leap …