11 Things We Didn’t Know Last Week

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11 Things | Bulletin TodayNews, discoveries and … fun. 1. A 16th-century German military expert believed that weaponized cats could burn down enemy fortifications. (Learn more at National Geographic) 2. A door handle dispenses hand sanitizer to kill germs in hospitals. (Learn more at Gizmodo) 3. Barbara Walters’s most flirtatious interview took place in 1982 with actor Clint Eastwood. (Learn more at AARP) 4. The rap group Wu-Tang Clan will make one copy of its next recording and hope it sells for millions of dollars. (Learn …

The Caregiving Worries of Parents with Special Needs Kids

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CaregivingMost of us think about taking care of our aging parents or spouse, not our kids. But there are more than 11 million Americans currently providing care for a family member between the ages of 18 and 49. Many worry deeply about their loved one’s future should something unexpectedly happen to them or their spouse. “I worry night and day,” a friend told me. “What happens to my daughter when I’m no longer here?” Her daughter, now 27, has had neurological, …

Susan Boyle’s Stunning Revelation

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Bulletin Today | Entertainment[View the story "Susan Boyle: 'I Have Asperger's'" on Storify]   Also of Interest: Test Your Brain With the Toughest Tongue Twister Ever 10 Best Holiday Travel Tips Questions about the Affordable Care Act? Get your answers here Join AARP: Savings, resources and news for your well-being   See the AARP home page for deals, savings tips, trivia and more    

With the Aid of Science: Health News Roundup!

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Personal HealthThere’s been some cool medical and science stories that have cropped up this week. From a blood cell glucose sensor to a possible vaccine for heart disease, it’s been a pretty interesting week for some heavy topics. Digestible microchips! Of course there’s lots of stories and research out there. These are just a few that stood out. Let’s take a closer look: Your blood knows: Some folks have figured out how to make a blood cell into a chemical sensor …

Older Fathers Pass On More Mutations for Autism, Schizophrenia

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthA new study looking at the link between genetic mutations and parental age has turned a long-standing assumption on its head: It’s the father’s age, not the mother’s, that raises the risk for new genetic mutations in their children, including autism and schizophrenia. Older fathers transmit more new DNA variations than younger fathers, researchers found. The mother’s age has no bearing on the risk for these disorders. The findings may explain why childhood autism rates are rising, scientists said Wednesday. …

A Grandparent’s Toolkit for Autism

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Home & FamilySuzanne Wright had a feeling that something was very wrong. Her grandson had been talking, but now was regressing. The words just weren’t coming. “Several doctors told me to go home and not worry,” Suzanne recently shared with me. Frustrated, she believed the doctors were wrong. And they were. Her grandson was later diagnosed with Autism, a developmental disorder that usually appears in the first three years of life and affects the brain’s development of communication and social challenges. Suzanne, like many grandparents, …