Surprise Status Symbol: Hybrid Cars

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Bulletin Today | TechnologyThe conventional wisdom about older car buyers is that they’re primarily motivated by price, durability and the ease of getting in and out of a vehicle — factors that translate into a big, bulky domestic sedan. But a new study shows that some automobile shoppers 60 and older are going green and buying hybrids because it boosts their self-esteem and image. Sign up for the AARP Money Matters newsletter Researchers, led by Jay Yoo of Baylor University, looked at the …

News To Know: Good News For Autos?

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Home & FamilyAfter months of bad news, some postive headlines are coming out of Detroit’s auto-makers.

News To Know: New Mileage Rules

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Money & SavingsThe White House announced new proposed standards for automobile mileage and emissions today.

News To Know: Safety Features Take Center Stage

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TechnologyAutomakers showed off some of their latest safety features at the Washington Auto Show.

Automakers On Display

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TechnologyThe Washington Auto Show is in town this week.