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“I’m a Baby Boomer and a Mom, And We Invented Technology.”

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TechnologyNot long ago I was at an app developer meetup, talking about baby boomers and what they want out of their gadgets and apps. “It’s important that we have easy to read fonts and 12 point type in apps,” I was explaining to a developer.  “The light fancy font young people use is very hard on our eyes.” No sooner had I finished my sentence when a young 20-something guy in scruffy jeans and t-shirt resembling the comic strip character …

Digital Stocking Stuffers

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TechnologyThe following is a guest blog from Steve Morgenstern, who frequently contributes technology content to AARP. You can read more from Steve here, and catch all his guest blogs here. Opening that great big box with a bow the size of your head is certainly fun but, when it comes to digital delights, it’s often the palm-size packages that bring the broadest smiles.  Here are several reasonably priced goodies for the tech-savvy folks in your family.  Earbuds and Headphones Most phones today …

Born With The Boomers: Aging Technology

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TechnologyFellow AARP blogger Alejandra asked me if it would be interesting to collect a list of consumer technologies that were also born during the boomer generation years of 1946-1964. I found plenty of useful long lists, but to my delight, I rediscovered Karl Hartig‘s incredible chart from the late 1990s showing key milestones and events in the adoption of consumer electronics. Loading the high resolution version in my web browser, I savored the fascinating details of the chart in a long sitting. In …

Philly Mag Cover Tells Off Baby Boomers

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TechnologyOn my way to a conference to speak about our mobile apps, a magazine cover caught my eye at the newsstand in the Philadelphia train station. Well, it was more like a whack in the face seeing a photo of an iPad on the front of the March 2011 issue of Philadelphia Magazine with this message overprinted on the screen: Dear Baby Boomers, JUST DIE ALREADY. (We’ll take Philly from here. Thanks.) xoxo, Generation X As a proud iPad-owning baby …


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Your LifePost from Patti Shea: In case you’ve been in a self-induced media blackout, you’ve heard that the first wave of the Baby Boom Generation turns 65 this year, one every eight seconds this year, roughly 8,000 a day. My Uncle Norm, who turned 65 yesterday, realizing the milestone, signed off his Facebook birthday wall post lovefest best: “Peace. Love. Medicare.” Indeed. Ah, Medicare. Boomers are expected to swell the Medicare rolls at the same time it’s being used as a …

Hey Big Spenders

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Money & SavingsBaby boomers spend more on themselves than millennials and Gen Xers AND they thrive on multigenerational purchases!