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Superbowl Bound or Bust

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Your Life“YOLO,” mom said to me last week after announcing that she and my father were going to the Superbowl in New Orleans. I held the phone in my hand in silence. “Are you serious?” I asked her. She laughed, “Yes.” Not only could I not believe that my mother said YOLO, short for you only live once, but that she and Dad (who put off back surgery for a week) were trekking it to New Orleans, on a bus for …

A Day in the Life of a Football Mom. Why Manners are a Must!

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Your LifeLet me ask you a serious question. How many of you have ever spent any quality time in the ladies’ restroom at an NFL stadium, excluding “most” males? It’s really much more pleasant than you might think. However, my experience outside this secure place was much different. In fact, Roger Goodell should insist that the NFL offer life skill classes to teach folks to interact properly with other fans. The League is multicultural and contemporary, but I spent the entire day …

Giving Back to our Military

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Your LifeLt. Col. Frank D. Bryant Jr, grilling out, PFC Adriana Alvarez, going to the lake, Specialist Jamel A. Bryant, going to the beach, Pat Tillman, a family reunion. You ask yourself, what in the world does this list of names and activities have in common? Those amazing individuals are all part of a great and powerful force called the U.S. Military. Those individuals all lost their lives in active duty and their service to this nation allows us to have …