Grilling Meat, Avoiding Cancer: 5 Important Tips

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthWarm weather, Memorial Day, July 4th — it’s time to dust off the grill and enjoy some outdoor barbecuing. Just be sure you choose the healthiest ways to cook those steaks, burgers and chicken, so you don’t increase your risk for cancer. It’s not that grilling causes cancer. It’s that any high-heat cooking method that sears or burns the outside of meat causes chemicals to form that have been linked to cancer. Grilling, broiling or even panfrying over high heat …

Food in the Time of Barbecue

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Home & FamilyLatinos love food, period. But the one thing that we love more is succulent, juicy and tasty grilled food. The smell of some costillitas (baby back ribs), pimientos asados (grilled peppers) and chorizos (sausage) can seduce even the most determined weight watcher. I confess that I am guilty of being one of those that checks in their will at the door when attending a family barbecue. However, grilling is an art and not everyone gets the best results despite their …