Garage Sale Gal: (Don’t) Show me the Money!

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Money & SavingsWhen I walked up to her garage sale, I loved the sight of Lavonne Thorsen sitting at a fold-up TV dinner tray. “I’m having a good time,” Lavonne said with a smile. Lavonne’s job was to take care of the cash while her family made sales. She kept the money in a small cardboard box on the TV tray — something that can be quite tempting for people who have more on their mind than scoring a bargain. I know …

Neither, age, heat nor toe can keep garage salers down

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Money & SavingsThis guest post from Garage Sale Gal Lynda Hammond is about one of her favorite people she met at a sale. I’d just had minor surgery on my toe. My podiatrist suggested I stay off it for a few days. But I was already stir-crazy having been homebound a full day, so I took short trip to the library. I found six garage sales on the way – and I’m so glad I did. Otherwise I would not have met Dale Glendenning. …

News To Know: Laid Off? Cash In.

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WorkTo combat shrinking consumption, many companies are offering protections for people who lose their jobs.