Tips for Cheap Summertime Fun

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Money & SavingsReady for summer fun? Cheap Life host Jeff Yeager shares his tips for frugal summer entertainment if you like to take in baseball, theme parks or a swim at the beach. Be sure to enter your your favorite free summer activity at the bottom of the video for a chance to win a $50 gift card.   Also of Interest 5 Frugal Lessons from My Father How to Have a Successful Yard Sale Join AARP: Savings, resources and news for your well-being …

‘Pepper’ Paire Davis: In a League of Her Own

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LegacyIf you’re a fan of sports movies, you’ve probably seen A League of Their Own, director Penny Marshall’s 1992 homage to the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. The latter was a circuit of women’s teams that Major League Baseball put together in 1943 to keep fans coming to ballparks at a time when  male baseball players were being drafted into the nation’s armed forces.The film focuses largely on the travails of a fictional player, Dottie Hinson (portrayed by Geena Davis), …

Stan Musial: 10 Fascinating Facts about “Stan the Man”

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LegacyBack in 1960, a DC-6 airliner took off from an airport in Pittsburgh with the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team aboard, and 30 seconds into the takeoff, one of the plane’s prop engines abruptly failed. As an article in Time magazine recounted the incident, the ballplayers, understandably, became anxious — all except for the team’s best player, the great hitter Stan Musial, then in his 19th year in the majors. “I can see the headline now,” he joked to a …

Marvin Miller: Economist Who Revolutionized Baseball

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LegacyTry to think of a game-changers who altered and reshaped the great American pastime, and it’s usually a player who comes to mind — someone like Babe Ruth, the slugger who introduced the long ball in the 1920s, or Jackie Robinson, the infielder who not only broke the color barrier in the 1940s but also presaged the modern, speed-oriented game with his aggressive, daring base-running. But there’s another man who forever changed baseball, even though he never went to the …

Vin Scully Making Baseball History (No Performance Enhancement Required)

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Bulletin TodayOld guys and baseball were in the news over the weekend . But while Roger Clemens got most of the attention, he much better old-guy-and-baseball story played out in Los Angeles, where Vin Scully, who has been announcing Dodgers games on radio and television since 1950 said that he’ll return to announce the games again next season.

Robert W. Creamer: 5 Fascinating Things He Dug Up About Babe Ruth

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LegacyIn the early 20th century, Babe Ruth transformed baseball from a low-scoring strategic contest that emphasized speed into a clash of titans, in which a power hitter could win a game with a single stroke of the bat. But it was sports biographer Robert W. Creamer, who died on July 18 in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., at age 90, who transformed Babe Ruth in baseball fans’ eyes, from a name on a candy bar into a flesh-and-blood hero who achieved greatness …