Takeaway: Parents in the Wake of the Colorado Shooting

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Bulletin TodayThis is a guest post by AARP’s Mary C. Hickey. As a parent of young adult children, my thoughts immediately turned to all the heartbroken mothers and fathers of similarly aged kids left in the wake of Friday’s brutal shooting in Colorado: The parents who lost sons and daughters in the senseless tragedy, of course. But also the parents of James Holmes, the alleged shooter. How unspeakably awful it must be to realize that the child you raised is capable of such …

Batman, the Series: When Batman Was Fun!

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EntertainmentIn the course of The Dark Knight Rises, Batman is nearly crippled with arthritis, he’s imprisoned, his back is broken, he is betrayed in the most awful of ways, and his nemesis is a monstrous al-Qaeda-class mass murderer. As I watched him, bloodied and battered,all I could think was: Remember when Batman was fun? That would be 1966, when Batman came to TV. In all of television history, few shows have skyrocketed so high, then flamed out so spectacularly, as …

How We’ll Remember Dick Clark

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EntertainmentFrom the archives, a clip that makes us laugh even while we get all choked up… Dick died earlier today of a heart attack. He was 82. What Dick Clark moments will you remember?

News To Know: Batman Shatters Record

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EntertainmentThe Dark Knight took a turn away from past Batman movies and was rewarded with record box office sales.