Planning for Your Home’s Future

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Great PlacesMarine Sgt. Adam Kisielewski has his pilot’s license, takes classes at a nearby college and loves to grill. Like most of us, Kisielewski considered his home his haven for safety and independence. When Kisielewksi lost his left arm (at the shoulder) and his right leg (below the knee) while deployed near Fallujah, Iraq, his desire for safety and independence intensified. But finding a path to meet those goals had become more challenging. Unlike Sgt. Kisielewski, most of us have the …

Is a Cold Mattress the Key to Better Sleep?

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthAre you hot in bed? No, no — not that kind of hot. (Although I’m sure you are.) I mean literally hot. Like sweaty, restless and unable to sleep well. A new survey by the Better Sleep Council found that disagreements about bedroom temperature topped tossing and turning and even snoring for the reasons couples gave for not getting a good night’s sleep. In the survey, taken last year, a majority of American adults (85 percent) said they had problems …