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Winter De-Aging Tricks from a 50+ “Chill Cheater”

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Beauty & FashionMy sun-damaged face, frizz-prone hair and spotty legs love winter: The camouflage afforded by long sleeves and scarves, leggings, tall boots and hats make this a stress-free fashion season. I ignore warnings to steer clear of long, hot baths — if not now, when? I also shun humidifiers (or “germ factories,” as I call them). But never would I skip the five basic rituals below, which can help counteract the aging effects of outside cold and indoor heat: 1) Slather …

Shop De-Agers With A Beauty Scientist!

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Beauty & FashionStanding in the skin care aisle of any drugstore or mass marketer and it is easy to become overwhelmed as hundreds of anti-aging products claim miracles. Jars, tubes and pump bottles say they “sculpt and lift” saggy skin, provide “an immediate tightening sensation” or “instantly correct dark circles.” Some boast having the highest percentage of collagen boosters or the most peptides or exotic ingredients like dragon’s blood (don’t worry, it’s tree sap) or stem cells. Uh-huh. We weren’t born yesterday …