Best hair tips for women 50+

Brits Just Wanna Have Fun

Posted on 02/26/2013 by |Beauty | Comments

Beauty & FashionWhen Helen Mirren, 67, turned up with punky-pink hair at the BAFTA awards in London, we cheered. When Maggie Smith, 78, admitted to being “spiky” and using the f-word a lot during her 60 Minutes interview, we laughed. We adore Helena Bonham Carter, 46, for her off-beat ensembles like wacky Madame Thenardier’s in Les Miserables.  Trudie Styler, 59, wears leather and clingy dresses to save the Rain Forest and  keeps Sting going after thirty years!  Even the Queen is cool …

The DIY De-Aging Haircut

Posted on 12/29/2012 by |Beauty | Comments

Beauty & FashionNo hairdresser on Earth will advise you to cut your own hair but  lots of smart stylish women 50 + are doing it anyway. We like the idea of saving money, being in control and adding another skill to our set. I’m not suggesting you try a major chop or anything tricky like a chiseled bob but trimming and tweaking your layers and bangs is easier than you think.  As a beauty editor I spent years watching hair legends like …