Best makeup tricks for women 50+

The No-Surgery Face-Lift

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Beauty & FashionPlastic surgery, Botox, fillers — anything (and everything!) to help us look prettier and perkier is on the rise. Why? It’s simple: We’re living in a society that puts a premium on being young, or at least looking that way. This can sometimes cause even the most levelheaded and prudent among us — men as well as women — to take drastic action. Let’s not rush to judge those who choose to have surgery or less-invasive procedures. Because, as we …

Don’t Be A Prune! 5 Face Savers for Snowbirds

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Beauty & FashionLegendary painter Georgia O’ Keeffe would have been 125 next month but her minimalist boho style is ageless. She could step out of Vogue today, except for the pruney wrinkles and brown spots. A weather-beaten complexion may be authentic and “beautiful” in black and white photos, but for us? No thanks. Wrinkles have their own GPS tracking system and extreme temperatures attract their attention. Winter is a dangerous time, whether you flee to sunny Florida, Arizona or Costa Rica (the …