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Newest Retirement Destination: Mars!

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Bulletin Today | TravelLooking for an exotic retirement destination? Here’s a new possibility for you: Mars. No, we’re not kidding. Billionaire Dennis Tito, the engineer-turned-investment-mogul who in 2001 became the first-ever space tourist by buying a seat on a Russian space mission, wants to find a mature man and woman to serve as as a two-person crew on a private interplanetary fly-by. According to his Inspiration Mars Foundation, Tito hopes to launch in 2017 so as to be able to take advantage of …

Best Places To Retire: Think Warm Weather, Healthy Lifestyle

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthWarm weather, as well as opportunities to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle, are the reason southern and southwestern cities dominated on Forbes’ new list of best places to retire in 2012. This year the magazine expanded the list from 16 cities to 25, located in 18 states. Reflecting what retirees say they want, the roster is heavier on warmer states like Florida, New Mexico, Texas and Arizona. Only about a half-dozen cities are located in chillier climates, including …

The Takeaway: Active Retirees Drawn To College Towns; America’s Healthiest (And Unhealthiest) States

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Bulletin TodayThe college campuses and towns of the not-so-distant future are likely to be filled with more seniors than ever before—and we’re not talking about upperclassmen. And the United Health Foundation has just released its 2011 rankings of America’s healthiest and unhealthiest states.

Boomers: Where to Retire and What to Watch

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Home & FamilyDid you know that this past weekend, 49 of the 50 states had snow on the ground?? I bet you can guess the state that’s holding out on us: Hawaii. Anywho, if you aren’t lucky enough to live or have been vacationing in Hawaii for the past week, chances are you’re tired of hearing about winter weather advisories. Daydreaming about the locations in this CNBC slideshow on America’s Top Places to Retire was a fun activity for me this morning. …