Tom Clancy: Insurance Man Turned Mega-Novelist

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LegacyToiling by day at an insurance agency in the 1970s, Tom Clancy dreamed of writing bestselling action thrillers. Unlike most would-be novelists, Clancy, who died on Oct. 1 at age 66 in Baltimore, had two things going for him. First, he had a great idea for a story (inspired by a newspaper article about Soviet sailors who’d tried to defect), in which a Red submarine captain stages a clever ploy to switch sides, with the help of an intrepid CIA agent named …

‘Thursdays in the Park’: Don’t Call It ‘Gran Lit’

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EntertainmentNovelist Hilary Boyd is a grandmother. But don’t let her catch you uttering the term “gran lit.” That’s the genre name that U.K. Observer columnist Robert McCrumb coined on reading Boyd’s first published novel, Thursdays in the Park, in which middle-aged wife Jeanie begins an extra-marital flirtation at— surprise! — the local park’s playground. As far as I can tell, “gran lit” designates literature by older women. It thus manages to commit a double whammy — ageism and sexism — …