Tweet at William Shatner! (Yes, You Heard Us Right.)

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EntertainmentHappy birthday, Captain Kirk. He is 81 today. Did you think Mr. Shatner might be on Twitter at 81? He is, in fact! This made our morning: If you’re a Tweeter, make sure and send @WilliamShatner a birthday message today. For us, ya know.

Aging with Purpose: Now is the Time to Give Back

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Your LifeAs I mentioned several weeks ago, my birthday was fast approaching; well it will arrive this week! However, last Wednesday morning my doorbell rang and when I answered the door, there stood a deliveryman with the most breath taking floral arrangement. I just knew he was at the wrong house, but much to my surprise he said delivery for Mrs. Leigh Anne Tuohy. “Oh my, that’s me!” The card read: The first gift of birthday week, Love Sean. Wow…..birthday week, …

What We’d Tell George Clooney

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EntertainmentSo, George Clooney, as we mentioned before, turns 50 today. Like the rest of the Internet, we took Friday off to stare at him. I mean, reflect on his career.  There’s something about that 50 number, huh? It’s just a number. It could represent 100 divided by 2, the number of stars on the Star Spangled Banner, a great movie starring Adam Sandler, or the number of truly horrible movies starring Adam Sandler. It’s also when we send you that …

Happy 100th Birthday President Reagan!

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VolunteeringYesterday would have been Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday. I have a soft spot for the former actor since he was the first president of my memory. Although I was born when President Carter was in office, my only knowledge of him was of my brother, Tom, telling me he had a peanut farm.