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Wisdom from DC Mom of the Year

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Home & FamilyWhen Louise Battle’s husband died, their son was 7 and their daughter, 12. The grief was deep, but through her leadership and abiding faith, her family has not only maintained, but soared. Twenty-four years later, Dr. Battle, an ordained elder at Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church in Washington, D.C., is witnessing the fruit of her faith and diligence as she was named the D.C. region 2014 “State Mother of the Year” by American Mothers Inc., a D.C.-based national organization that …

For Mother’s Day, Reflections on Single Motherhood

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Home & FamilyStephanie M. Clark and her 12-year-old daughter were the typical single-parent family in America. Divorced since her daughter was 3, Stephanie worked hard to provide for their household in North Brunswick, N.J., trying to make a go of her own marketing business. In the evenings there was the routine of making dinner, doing homework, then going to bed. But, one evening, something happened that would forever change her relationship with her daughter. As Stephanie scurried around the kitchen, cooking dinner, …

Essencefest Reflections, and More Events to Come

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TravelThis is a guest blog from AARP’s Edna Kane-Williams. I recently had the pleasure of being at the Essence Festival – just one of several major events where AARP will have a presence this year. If you’ve never been to “Essencefest,” picture a Mardi Gras celebration combined with a huge girlfriend getawa full of laughter, sister to sister sharing, conversations, great food and lots of hugs . Add in your favorite celebrities and entertainment – plus a ton of information, …