Bless Me

At Last, a Lyrical Look at Latino Life

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EntertainmentMiriam Colon isn’t just the star of Bless Me, Ultima, a gentle soul of a film set in a New Mexico Latino community during World War II. She’s also something of a prophet on its behalf, urging more films like this one that, quite literally, calls from the wilderness with a story of America’s rich Latino culture. While there’s no shortage of movies that examine the Latino experience in America, they tend to unfold as urban gangster films (Scarface), along …

Magic and Struggle in Ultima’s World

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Your LifeIt isn’t the best movie ever made and it wasn’t the best book ever written, but there is something about “Bless Me, Ultima” that makes the story of a boy’s journey through the magical time of his youth a rich and compelling tale. Underlying the dark and spiritual nature of this odyssey of the soul dwell the conflicting realities of good and evil, told against the somber background  that characterized the era of little Antonio Marez y Luna and the …