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To Prevent Uterine Cancer, Think Coffee Not Cake

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthIt doesn’t get as much attention as breast cancer, but uterine cancer — also referred to as endometrial cancer — primarily strikes women over 60, killing more than 8,000 a year. Now a new report by the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) and World Cancer Research Fund International estimates that nearly 60 percent, or 29,500 cases, of uterine cancer annually could be prevented if women maintained a healthy weight and got regular exercise. They also need to drink a …

Weight-Loss Surgery Reverses Diabetes For Obese Patients

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Bulletin Today | Personal Health “Diabesity” — Type 2 diabetes brought on by obesity — can be reversed by stomach-reducing surgery like gastric bypass and researchers say the operation should be offered sooner to obese and overweight patients instead of as a last resort. Two new studies, one at the Cleveland Clinic, the other at Catholic University in Rome, are among the first to compare the effectiveness of two types of bariatric surgery  with traditional medicine in controlling Type 2 diabetes. Both studies found that …