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New Blood Test Predicts Risk of Alzheimer’s

Posted on 03/10/2014 by | Personal Health and Well-being | Comments

Brain Health | Bulletin TodayA simple blood test that a researcher calls a “game changer” may be able to accurately predict whether older adults will develop dementia. The experimental test, developed by researchers at six universities, was 90 percent accurate at predicting whether adults age 70 and older would develop either mild cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s within two to three years. The study was published online Sunday in the journal Nature Medicine. The test measures the levels of 10 lipids, or fats, in the bloodstream. …

Blood Test May Help Find Ovarian Cancer Early

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthHopes for a screening test that could detect ovarian cancer early — something that has eluded the fight against this lethal disease — were boosted this week with results from an important new study. Published online in the journal Cancer, the research involved monitoring women’s yearly blood test results for a sudden change in a biomarker called CA-125, a protein that indicates tumor growth. More than 4,000 postmenopausal women took part in the 11-year study at the University of Texas MD …

Skip Fasting Before a Cholesterol Test, Study Says

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthWe’re supposed to fast for eight to 12 hours before having our blood tested for cholesterol, but wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to forgo breakfast and that first cup of coffee? Well, maybe we can. A new study suggests that most of us can skip fasting and still get accurate cholesterol measurements. The study, published Monday in the Archives of Internal Medicine, says fasting before the test has little impact on the results. Lipid, or fat, levels …

The Takeaway: Ample Exercise, Good Fats Tied To Earlier Menopause; Dark Side of Prostate Cancer Screening

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Bulletin TodayA new Japanese study shows women are more likely to hit menopause early if they exercise avidly or eat a diet high in good fats. And looking closer at the downsides of prostate cancer screening tests.