Style Knows No Size – or Age

Are boomer babes having a “Confidence Crisis”? I ask you that because it seems like we’re not so in love with our bodies these days. Even the peppiest kale-munching yoga practitioner among us can be heard whining about her saggy boobs, loose thighs and tummy bulge. And whether you’re a size 4 or 14, shopping for fall clothes only amplifies the angst. So before you take refuge in that security blanket known as “Old Sweatpants and a Big Tee,” try …

Happy With Your Body? Only 12 Percent of Older Women Are

It’s young women who are obsessed with their body appearance – not mature women over 50, right? Oh, who are we kidding. Even us wise older women fret about our bodies. My slim, petite friend Marianne, who’s 99, still watches her figure. In fact, a recent survey found that only 12 percent of women over 50 are satisfied with their bodies. Twelve percent! That’s pretty sad. Sign up for the AARP Health Newsletter So what’s so special about those 12 percent? …

Retirement Community Residents Have Fun Baring All For Charity Calendar

Inspired by the 2003 Helen Mirren movie <em>Calendar Girls,</em> a dozen women of Riderwood Village retirement community in Maryland have bared (almost) all to raise money for fellow residents struggling financially.

The Takeaway: Women Over 50 Struggle With Eating Disorders, Body Image

While anorexia, bulimia and other disordered eating habits disproportionately vex the young, older women — and men — aren't excluded. A new study found 13 percent of women over 50 currently exhibit at least one core eating disorder symptom. The most common was "purging" (throwing up food) without binge eating (7.8 percent), followed by binge eating (3.5 percent). Overall, nearly three-quarters of all the women said they were currently trying to lose weight.