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Brits Just Wanna Have Fun

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Beauty & FashionWhen Helen Mirren, 67, turned up with punky-pink hair at the BAFTA awards in London, we cheered. When Maggie Smith, 78, admitted to being “spiky” and using the f-word a lot during her 60 Minutes interview, we laughed. We adore Helena Bonham Carter, 46, for her off-beat ensembles like wacky Madame Thenardier’s in Les Miserables.  Trudie Styler, 59, wears leather and clingy dresses to save the Rain Forest and  keeps Sting going after thirty years!  Even the Queen is cool …

Look Healthy and Hot Even When You’re Not!

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Beauty & FashionThe New York Times reported fashionistas are looking forward to Fashion Week (starting February 7) with rising panic. This time however, it’s not about the clothes. Any attendee seen sniffling or clutching shredded tissues will probably be downgraded to standing room only.  Editors, buyers or front-row celebs with runny noses tossing down DayQuil will be out on their Pilates-toned derrieres. It’s flu season and paranoia is up. Of course smart, mature babes like us prepped with a flu-shot (and for …

3 Steps To Looking Younger at Your Reunion!

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Beauty & FashionWe ‘re the smartest most accomplished women this age ever in history. So why do reunions reduce us to nervous wrecks? Whether the event is high school, college or family related- our jitters could shake the sequins off a DVF sheath. You’ve already redefined what 50+ looks like with a fitness regimen,  healthy diet, teeth whitening,  chic tousled haircut and plenty of attitude. We take our cues from cool celeb-peers like Susan Sarandon and Diane Keaton. So stick these three …