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Builders Learn the Importance of ‘Women-Centric’ Homes

Posted on 05/12/2014 by |AARP Education & Outreach | Comments

Great PlacesGuest post by Jan Cullinane: Single women are the second-largest group of homeowners after couples, and they purchase almost twice as many homes on a first-time and repeat basis than single men do, reports the National Association of Home Builders. More women than men live alone, and single women are more likely to own their homes than single men (56 percent compared to 47 percent). Recognizing that in 91 percent of home sales, women are the prime drivers of the …

Poll: Businesses Concerned About Losing Older Workers

Posted on 04/19/2012 by |Money and Work | Comments

Bulletin Today | WorkTo prepare for a brain drain when scores of Boomers retire, many U.S. employers are ramping up training and taking other measures to avert challenges in the workplace, a new poll finds. Of 430 human resource professionals surveyed, nearly three in four  (72 percent) say the loss of talented older workers is a problem or a potential problem for their organizations. Over 50 percent polled say employees 50-plus have a stronger work ethic, bring more professionalism to their job, and …