This Week in Boomer History: Earth Day … New Coke … ‘Heartbreak Hotel’

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PoliticsNotable events from our shared experience Polaroid Corp. introduces its SX-70 folding camera on April 25, 1972. It’s the first automatic, motorized, single-lens reflex camera that makes self-developing instant color prints. The 1964 New York World’s Fair opens April 22 with the theme “Peace Through Understanding” and provides an early Space Age look into the future. On April 24, 1980, President Jimmy Carter launches Operation Eagle Claw to free Americans held captive at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. Eight servicemen die in the failed …

Why Millennials Are Slow to Marry

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Home & FamilyA friend recently shared some news: His youngest child, a successful professional, was getting married in September, finally. Did he approve of the nuptials? “She’s 32,” he answered in a deadpan manner. “I’m just happy she’s getting married.” While the boomer father liked his future son-in-law, the young couple had been living together for a few years. Dad had expected them to get married a lot sooner. What were they waiting for? The couple was following the path taken by …

The Art of Care

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CaregivingBalancing care for a loved one with medical professionals, residential staff or home health employees can get complicated quickly.  Defining your role as a care partner can be difficult. How do you let go and trust “those professionals”? How do you know who should take the lead and when? I’ve cared for my mother with dementia over 30 years and my father with brain cancer for 4 ½ years. During this period, I found myself standing at a crossroads several …

Why Aren’t Older Adults Buying Smartphones?

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TechnologyThere’s an app for that – but usage by older adults is stalled.  Boomers and beyond have the spending power, but they aren’t snapping up tablets and smartphones. Pew’s latest smartphone numbers tell the story – smartphone usage has not grown beyond 11% among the 65+.  And tablet ownership, despite many cute stories, has only grown to 13%. Yet you and I both know that that these phones and tablets provide significant utility, from easy access to discounts and savings …

The Roaming Boomers: Rainy Day Travels

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TravelWe just spent two wonder-filled weeks in western Canada. We explored Whistler, Vancouver, spent two days on the world-famous Rocky Mountaineer luxury train, walked on our first glacier, and spent over a week driving through the jaw-dropping majesty of the Canadian Rockies. Unfortunately, we encountered an unusual weather pattern that kept us under gray skies and umbrellas for a great part of our trip. When this happens, it is certainly normal to feel the rainy day traveler’s blues. Here’s a …

The Takeaway: Dukes v. Wal-Mart; Ban on Hearing Aids

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Bulletin TodayP.M. Notes: Social Security cost-of-living allowance is coming: But don’t get too excited. The increase is expected to be modest. … The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is offering emergency funding for people struggling to pay their mortgage. Homeowners facing foreclosure have until July 22 to “pre-apply” for a forgivable loan up to $50,000 through the Emergency Homeowner Loan Program (EHLP).