From Cosmetics to Cans, When to Throw Stuff Out

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Personal HealthDo you have canned food that dates from the Reagan years? When was the last time you replaced your mascara? Or your contact lens case?  Are you storing leftovers in Tupperware that’s older than a kindergartner? Do you know where to take those old cans of paint in your garage? These are just some of the potential health hazards we detail in our slide show “9 Nasty Things to Throw Away Today.” Find out why old plastic containers (including Tupperware made before …

It’s dinner time – do you know where your Obesogen is?

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Personal HealthThis definitely falls into the “I’ve got good news and bad news” category – it’s not JUST the food we eat that’s packing on the pounds.  It’s almost everything we use, eat, drink, touch and smell in our modern lives – and it’s even affecting our babies. (That’s the worst of the bad news to this new grandma. Shout out to Lorelei Grace born 6/20!) They’re called obesogens, and they’re ubiquitous. Much of the plastic we store and buy food in, many …

FDA warns your plastic may be harmful

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Personal HealthWell, this is a little scary. the FDA has announced their concern over BPA – or Bisphenol A – an estrogen-like chemical found in plastic that could potentially cause health problems to folks of all ages. While fetuses, infants and children could be susceptible brain and prostate gland issues, they’re not the only ones who could get sick. AARP Bulletin reports: BPA is used to make hard plastic bottles, liners in food cans and a host of other everyday items. …