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Can’t Recall What’s-His-Name? Don’t Worry. It’s Normal

Posted on 11/4/2013 by | Personal Health and Well-being | Comments

Brain Health | Bulletin TodayDo you remember this politician? His face is so familiar, but what the heck was his name? Or how about the celeb pictured next to him? He was in a bunch of movies, but his name …. darn, it’s on the tip of my tongue. Exactly. These annoying “tip-of-the-tongue” moments — when you know the name but just can’t retrieve it from your memory — seem to happen more often as we age and we often wonder if it signals …

Study: Today’s 90-Somethings May Be the Sharpest Yet

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthBy Malcolm Ritter, Science Writer, The Associated Press If you’re lucky enough to live into your 90s, how well will your brain hold up? You may have an edge over people who got there ahead of you, a new study hints. Researchers found that on tests of mental abilities, a group of 95-year-old Danes scored better than a group of Danes born 10 years earlier, who had been tested when they were about the same age. In a standard simple …