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The Takeaway: Nintendo Game Promotes Brain Health; Should Medicare Cover Gym Fees?

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Bulletin TodayBrain Gamers Show Cognitive Gains: The box for Nintendo’s Brain Age claims the game can ‘keep your brain young and sharp’ in just ‘minutes a day!’  Skeptical? Yeah, me too. But a new study from Japan’s Tohoku University shows it’s more than just marketing hype: Playing Brain Age really can improve ‘cognitive fitness‘ in older men and women.

The Takeaway: Medicare Part D; Breast Cancer and Race

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Bulletin TodayPart D is keeping you out of the hospital: Five years after the drug plan’s debut, seniors covered by Medicare Part D are healthier and taking better care of themselves.

Life is Bee-utiful

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Your LifeIf youth is wasted on the young, wisdom certainly isn’t wasted on the aged. Watching the participants of the 2011 AARP National Spelling Bee inspired me, and not for reasons you think.

Tony Johnson Wins 2011 AARP Spelling Bee

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Your LifeHe might have been No. 7 but luck had nothing to do with Tony Johnson capturing the 2011 AARP National Spelling Bee. Johnson, 58, a self-confessed “dictionary browser” knocked out two past champs to take home the $5,000 prize.

News To Know: Brain Gain

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Personal HealthBrain gyms have exploded in popularity recently as people look for ways to keep their minds sharp as they age.

Play the Brain Game

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Personal HealthA fun online game tells you how old your brain is!