COPD Trouble Along the Way

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Your LifeSo we’re rolling back from Oregon over a Siskiyou Mountain pass into California on a day as bright as heaven, with only small wisps of fog and a few stringy clouds to intrude on a scene that is otherwise right out of a Magritte painting. The pass rises to over 4,000 feet and as we come down toward Yreka, heading home to L.A. after a two-week road trip. I notice a funny feeling in my chest. My breathing has become …

Woman Dies After Nurse Refuses to Do CPR

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Bulletin Today“Is there anybody willing to help this lady and not let her die?” That was the plea of a fire department dispatcher in Bakersfield, Calif., on Feb. 26 when she learned that the nurse on the other end of the line would not perform CPR on Lorraine Bayless, an 87-year-old resident of the Glenwood Gardens independent living facility. The nurse said that no one at the facility was authorized to help Bayless, who had crumpled to the floor in a …