Bridget Jones

Bridget Jones Is 51: Older, But Any Wiser?

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EntertainmentBridget Jones, our favorite bumbling thirty something singleton is back, though now she’s 51 and a widowed mother of two.  Helen Fielding’s third Bridget novel, Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy, is out tomorrow, 17 years after the first, Bridget Jones’s Diary, became the chick-lit blockbuster of 1996.  Back then Bridget was preoccupied with finding a boyfriend, losing weight, quitting smoking and hopelessly striving to develop “inner poise,” in the way of Tina Brown (“though not, obviously, quite so hardworking” she wrote in her …

Return of the Page-Turning Titans

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EntertainmentSome of the biggest names in American literature have been silent for quite some time now. Amy Tan? Hasn’t published a novel in eight years. Donna Tartt? Absent for 10. And the last time we heard from Allan Gurganus was in 1997. The drought ends this fall with a splash, as those three authors, among many others, bring out hotly anticipated new novels: Tan’s The Valley of Amazement (left) follows a virgin courtesan from turn-of the-century Shanghai to San Francisco; …