Do Online Quizzes Have a Hidden Agenda?

Posted on 03/31/2014 by |AARP Social Media Strategy/Trainer | Comments

TechnologyWhat city should you live in? Which Love Boat character are you? What superpower should you have? Fun quizzes are all the rage online these days. Buzzfeed (which says I should live in Portland, Ore.) is leading the charge, but even the scholarly Pew Research Center (“How Millennial Are You?”) and the New York Times (“How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk”) have a hand in the fad. The exercises are addictive, shareable, entertaining. So what’s not to like? Here’s …

Household Products You’ve Been Using Wrong

Posted on 09/4/2013 by |Personal Health and Well-being | Comments

Bulletin Today | Personal HealthDid you know that aluminum foil boxes have little tabs you push in on the ends to hold the roll in place? Did you know most people use those paper toilet seat covers in public restrooms the wrong way? Or that Chinese takeout containers are made to be unfolded into plates? Yeah, neither did I. Neither, apparently, did the 4 million other people who viewed Gabby Noone’s recent Buzzfeed list of 18 everyday products that you’ve been using wrong. I’m …