What’s Congress Up To? How You Can Find Out

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsAmericans rate Congress below most scourges, polls regularly show. But does the public actually know what Congress is doing? Only a small percentage of legislation makes it to the Senate and House floors, where insomniacs can stay glued to the proceedings on C-SPAN. But these days, it’s a lot easier than it used to be to track bills of interest through the legislative process. The granddaddy of legislative access is named, fittingly, after the guy who created the Library of …

5 Great Ways to Plug Into the GOP Convention From Home

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsThere was a time when the national conventions of the two major political parties were filled with drama, emotional catharsis and occasionally even angry fisticuffs. (Here’s our gallery of great and not-so-great historic moments at GOP conventions.) Over the years, the quadrennial gatherings evolved into something more closely resembling slick, stage-managed infomercials, carefully designed to sell the parties’ tickets to the public rather than to wrestle over fateful decisions. Even so, whether you’re a hardcore political junkie or simply a citizen who likes to be informed, the 2012 Republican National …