Do Not Fall for “Do Not Call” Scam

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Money & SavingsPerhaps the last nuisance phone call you might expect is from the very government agency that’s trying to halt them… especially if your phone number is among the 209 million already listed on the National Do Not Call Registry. Sign up for the AARP Money Matters newsletter It’s scammers —once again — who are posing as representatives of the Federal Trade Commission or the registry with an offer to enroll a phone number or “confirm” or “renew” an existing listing. …

Communication Gap: To Text or to Call

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Bulletin Today | TechnologyYou may not be surprised to hear this, but while 18- to 29-year-olds are split about 50-50 on texting their parents (versus calling), three-quarters of their parents would rather talk on the phone than send texts back and forth. You may be surprised, though, to hear this: Parents and adult children are finding comfortable ways to communicate across the generations, leading to strong and satisfying relationships. Those are some of the newest findings reported by psychology professor Jeffrey Arnett, the …