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Valerie Harper: We Need More Money for Cancer Research

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Bulletin Today | Personal Health“Seventy-five percent of all lung cancers are found too late,” actress and cancer survivor Valerie Harper told a Senate committee hearing on cancer on Wednesday, saying funding is desperately needed for early detection in “people like me” who didn’t think they were at risk. The hearing by the Senate Special Committee on Aging focused on federal funding for cancer research and the challenges facing aging survivors. Harold Varmus, M.D., director of the National Cancer Institute, who also testified, noted that …

Mammogram Debate: Is Screening Overdone?

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Bulletin Today | Personal Health“Screening saves lives” has long been the mantra of breast cancer groups and doctors. But a longtime critic of Americans’ zeal for screening says new research shows that up to a third of cancers detected through routine mammograms may not be life-threatening. The study, which looked at three decades of government data on early-stage breast cancer in women over 40, found that 70,000 women a year may have been overdiagnosed for breast cancer and needlessly treated. “It’s a lot of …

A Laxative-Free, Virtual Colonoscopy? It Could Happen Soon

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthThink of it: A virtual colonoscopy that doesn’t require a day spent taking laxatives and being sequestered in the bathroom, and doesn’t use that lovely little camera-probe inserted where the sun don’t shine. Sign me up, you might say. Yeah, well, not so fast. First, it’s still being studied. And second, it’s almost — but not quite — as accurate as the traditional colonoscopy that does require all that prep work. A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine …

The Takeaway: Despite Advice, Older Adults Get Cancer Screenings; Jazz Musicians Campaign for Pensions

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Bulletin TodayAmbiguity regarding older adults and cancer screenings abounds—but many adults 75 and older are still getting tested, a new study finds. And jazz musicians in New York City are pushing for pension benefits from union nightclubs.

The Cancer Screening That 22 Million of You Still Need To Get

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthAmericans between the ages of 50 and 75 are at the highest risk for colon cancer, yet one out of three — about 22 million of you — still haven’t gotten screened for this deadly disease. Many of you have done the right thing, thanks in part to publicity about screening by some well-known TV personalities. As a result, deaths from colon cancer have greatly decreased. As for the other 22 million folks  – well, federal officials at the Centers for …