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Overcoming Loss of Libido After Cancer

Posted on 08/9/2013 by |Sex & Relationships | Comments

RelationshipsQ: I am 69 years of age and married. Three and a half years ago I had radiation treatment  for prostate cancer. The cancer is in remission. However, my libido has come to a screeching halt. I have no interest in sex, although I have forced myself to try masturbation to try for an erection. Occasionally this will work, but most times it is a failure. Because of my lack of libido, my wife and I are slipping away from …

Acupuncture Helps Ease Fatigue After Breast Cancer

Posted on 10/31/2012 by |Personal Health and Well-being | Comments

Bulletin Today | Personal HealthPersistent fatigue after breast cancer treatment is a common problem among patients, with one in three women suffering the debilitating tiredness for a year or more after their treatment ends. Older women, in particular, say their post-cancer fatigue severely affects their mood and quality of life. But a new multicenter study by British researchers finds that acupuncture may help reduce fatigue and improve quality of life in women who have had breast cancer. In the study published this week in …