Supreme Court Voids Overall Campaign Donor Limits

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsBy Mark Sherman, Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court further loosened the reins on political giving Wednesday, ruling that big campaign donors can dole out money to as many candidates and political committees as they want as long as they abide by limits on contributions to each individual campaign. In a 5-4 vote won by conservative justices, the court struck down limits in federal law on the total amount of money a contributor can give to candidates, political …

Next States to Vote Are Ground Zero of Housing Crisis

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Bulletin TodayWelcome to the front lines of the housing crisis. Florida and three of the next states to vote in the GOP presidential contest are among the 10 worst foreclosure states in the nation. And there’s not much light at the end of the tunnel: The four states have the highest percentage of homeowners who owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth. Nevada, which votes Feb. 4, had the worst foreclosure rate in the country in 2011, for …

News To Know: Just Your Average…Plumber?

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Bulletin TodayAfter last night’s debate, many were left wanting to know more about the candidates and less about Joe the plumber.