Captain Phillips

Movies for Grownups Weekend Preview Oct. 11

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EntertainmentOne story ripped from the headlines, another borrowed from classic literature, and a grown-up romantic comedy come to theaters this weekend. After you’ve caught them, check out the movies you’ve missed from weeks past. The New Stuff: Captain Phillips Tom Hanks gives his most measured performance in years as the captain of a cargo ship overrun by Somali pirates—but the real revelation is Barkhad Abdi, a Somali immigrant making his first film, who plays the head pirate. He stands toe-to-toe …

Tom Hanks Reveals He Has Diabetes. Did Fluctuating Weight Play a Role?

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Personal HealthIn a surprise announcement, Tom Hanks, 57, revealed on the Late Show with David Letterman that he has diabetes. While on the show to promote his new film Captain Phillips, he told Letterman that he learned at age 36 that he had high blood sugar. Recently his doctor told him: “You’ve graduated. You’ve got type 2 diabetes, young man.” Hanks said the doctor also told him that if he could return to his high school weight, he’d be “completely healthy” and …