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Workers: Here’s How to Reinvent Yourself

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Bulletin Today | WorkIt’s never too late to reinvent yourself, whether you’re considering another line of work, seeking a promotion at your current job or looking for a more meaningful, less stressful gig on your way to retirement. Career coaches say boomers and older adults, perhaps more than previous generations, seem willing to switch careers, return to college or seek retraining to boost their job opportunities. The deep recession of 2008-09 and the staggering loss of  jobs (some 2 million older workers are …

The Secret of Successful Career Reinventions

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WorkThis is a guest post from Nancy Collamer, M.S., a career coach, speaker and author. What is the single most important factor for career reinvention success? If you guessed talent, a large professional network or an exceptional resume, you’d only be partially right. All of those are clearly important. But nearly two decades experience as a career coach has taught me that the single most important element behind reinvention success is a positive attitude. Before you dismiss that as a cliché, …