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10 excusas para salir de casa en junio

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En EspañolSi te estás preguntando a dónde ir en junio, aquí te decimos los lugares más entretenidos para disfrutar de una gran película con toda la familia, conocer de cerca la obra de Salvador Dalí, o un festival cultural de primera. Sigue leyendo y, si no te quedan muy cerca, comienza a empacar… 1. Il Volo en concierto en Los Ángeles, California: Se acerca la época de conciertos musicales y festivales de música. ¿Ya tienes un plan? Pues te aviso que …

Nelson Mandela: 5 Musical Tributes to a Remarkable Hero

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LegacyNelson Mandela, who died Dec. 5 at age 95 in Johannesburg, South Africa, was one of the most remarkable heroes of the 20th century. He organized and led armed resistance against South Africa’s apartheid regime, which had disenfranchised 23 million black citizens and forced them to live in abysmal poverty, and endured decades of brutal imprisonment as a result. But after his release in 1990, he worked to negotiate a peaceful end to institutionalized racism — an achievement that earned …

Who Gave Justin Bieber Permission to Sing “Let it Be” in Times Square on New Year’s Eve?

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Entertainment“…and in my hour of darkness,             He was sitting there in front of me,             Killing Beatles classics,             Justin B, Justin B….” You know, 2011 was bad enough; did we have to end it with Justin Bieber soiling the memory of the greatest pop group of the last century, trying to wear Paul McCartney’s tender tribute to his mother like a child stumbling around in his father’s work boots? Truly, this smacked of Dick Clark’s revenge for

Carlos Santana: Rocker In Residence

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EntertainmentLast week marked the start of an unprecedented year long residency of guitar legend Carlos Santana at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.