Carol Burnett

Now Read This!: Carol Burnett & Debbie Reynolds Look Homeward

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EntertainmentWhen I heard that Carol Burnett and Debbie Reynolds have new memoirs out this month, I imagined writing about their mutual love of fashion designer Bob Mackie. Why’s that? Because if every sequin and bugle bead from the Mackie gowns they own were laid end to end, they’d stretch from Burnett’s hometown of San Antonio to Reynold’s of El Paso. Turns out there’s more grit than glitter in Burnett’s Carrie and Me: A Mother-Daughter Love Story. Part of the tale …

The Lost Films…and Years…of Elizabeth Taylor

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EntertainmentThe last truly great film performance of Elizabeth Taylor’s career was probably as the boozy, bossy Martha, locked in a codependent marriage from hell with her hubby George (Richard Burton) in Mike Nichols’ searing Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, 45 years ago (I happened to visit Mount Vernon last weekend, and every time the guides spoke of George and Martha I couldn’t help but picture Dick and Liz, in powdered wigs, swilling martinis and mercilessly pushing each other’s hot buttons). …