Volunteers Don’t Drive #TinyCars, They Don’t Deserve a Tiny Tax Rate.

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VolunteeringOur friends at VolunteerSpot have a brand new campaign everyone should hitch a ride to, #TinyCars!  Honor volunteers this tax season (and show them some love this February) by spreading the word that volunteers don’t deserve a tiny 14 cent tax rate. A little background, Congress set the current 14 cent charitable mileage rate in 1997 when gas cost just $1.30/gallon; unfortunately, it has remained the same since then, while in contrast, the 2011 business rate was set at 55.5 cents for the …

10 Tips to Drive Down the Cost of Driving

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Money & SavingsWith gas prices sitting at all-time highs for this time of year, there’s really no getting around the price of getting around. And if you’re traveling long distances for the upcoming holidays, it’s important to pick up all the tips and tricks you can to help drive down the cost of driving. Here are my top ten favorite tips to keep your car running smoothly (for less!). Use the right gas: Are you sure that you’re using the best gasoline …

The Best Cars for Caregivers

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Home & FamilyThis is a guest blog post from Jamie Page Deaton, the Managing Editor of the U.S. News Best Cars rankings. Having owned everything from mid-eighties Volvo station wagons to BMWs, pickup trucks, and classic Corvettes, Jamie is passionate about the cars and technology that move us. AARP estimates that in 2007, over 34 million family caregivers provided care at any given point in time, and about 52 million provided care at some time during the year. That’s a lot of Americans in caregiving …

Martinsville: Memories, Mayhem, Marvelous!

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VolunteeringAdrenaline rush: Turn 3 at Martinsville from the infield. This is a guest post from AARP’s Deb Silverberg, who was on the ground at the April 3 Sprint Cup race in Martinsville.   Memories – so many, Mayhem: it is a short track, after all. Marvelous…more on that in a minute. Before we move on to race highlights, how about the most important M-word? Meals. Not only did our No. 24 Jeff Gordon make an impressive Top 5 finish in Martinsville, …

Cash for Clunkers Kicks Off!

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Money & SavingsIt looks like the Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS) or otherwise known as “Cash for Clunkers” has launched this week. For those who don’t know, CARS basically does this: the government buys back old cars (which get a combined average mileage of 18 miles a gallon or less) from folks to scrap, and the seller gets $4,500 toward the purchase or lease of a new fuel-efficient car. Not a bad deal to help the environment, right? Via the New York …

Let AARP Pimp Your Ride

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EntertainmentEnter the Get Focused Car Giveaway for your chance to win a new Ford Focus.