‘Undercover Boss’ Returns With a Big Character

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EntertainmentGood news for those who like a little sentimentality sprinkled over their TV diet — CBS’s Emmy-winning Undercover Boss returns Friday (11/2), with an episode featuring Mitchell Modell, whose family has owned and operated the Northeastern U.S. sporting goods stores bearing their name since 1889. According to Undercover Boss producer Chris Carlson, Modell has “a huge personality — a big character” that makes him ideal as a subject to build a show around. “He has a lot of heart. He’s extremely …

‘The Mentalist’ Goes Back to the Beginning to Mark 100

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EntertainmentTalking to Robin Tunney about tonight’s (10/28) 100th episode of The Mentalist was a kick. What she had to say about the show was interesting. Even more fun was what she had to say about leading man Simon Baker.  “Simon loves women, and he’s like the least scary guy that loves women,” she told “He loves women because he loves his wife, and he’s been with her for 20 years, and he’s very comfortable around women and he’s good to women. He treats them …

Six Fun Facts About ‘Vegas’

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Entertainment CBS’s Vegas debuts Tuesday night (9/25) amid giant billboards and tall expectations, with Dennis Quaid as Ralph Lamb, the legendary “cowboy sheriff” of Las Vegas’ Clark County, and Michael Chiklis as the casino owner/gangster who’s his chief adversary. This is not only Quaid’s first series, it’s also the first for producer Arthur Sarkissian — the man who bought us the Rush Hour movies, While You Were Sleeping and other feature fare. I met with him at the set the other …

54 Is the New 49, Says CBS

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Bulletin Today | EntertainmentCBS has been mocked for attracting older audiences than network TV peers like NBC or Fox. But it’s a situation that could pay off nicely for CBS, as advertisers increasingly realize the value of appealing to older buyers.

Good TV This Week: July 4 With the Boston Pops

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EntertainmentIf you are like most TV-owning Americans of a certain age including myself, chances are you have spent at least one or two Independence Day nights with the Boston Pops on the tube  — either paying close attention to the magnificent musicianship and prodigious pyrotechnic pageantry on display, or using the broadcast as accompaniment to your own 4th of July revelry.  This is Boston Pops Conductor Keith Lockhart’s 18th year of leading the July 4th charge, this time with the …