Spending on Cell Phone Service Increasing for Older Consumers

Cell phones have become ubiquitous-90 percent of adult Americans now own one-and that has impacted overall spending patterns for telephone service. Analysis of the latest federal Consumer Expenditure Survey finds that spending on cell phone service by consumers aged 50+ is continuing to increase while spending on traditional residential landline service is decreasing. Spending by consumers aged 50+ on telephone service grew in 2012, even as overall spending for utilities fell. A PPI analysis of expenditures on utilities by consumers …

What Personal Information Is Your Mobile Device Sharing?

“Always on and always on you” describes the extent to which consumers have integrated cellphones, smartphones and tablets into their daily lives. How deeply do consumers depend on these mobile devices? One survey found 44 percent of cell owners have slept with their phone next to their bed because they were afraid to miss any calls, text messages or other updates during the night. As mobile device use continues to increase, there is growing concern that consumers are unaware how …

Phones are for More than Just Talking

This little news tidbit caught my eye on my commute this morning. A new Pew Research Study says that just over a quarter of Americans get their news from their cell phones – not surprising when I look around on the train and almost as many people as those looking at the morning paper are looking at their cell phones. I know I am part of that percentage, with my new Smartphone that I use in favor of my computer …

How Is This Not Already A Law?

A rash of mass transit accidents involving drivers who were text messaging has led to support for a ban on the practice.

News To Know: You’ve Got Ads

Retailers are increasingly using technology to try to reach consumers with news of sales and promotions.

News To Know: Say Goodbye To Early Termination Fees

In a deal with Consumer Cellular, AARP has enabled its members to sign up for cell phone service with no contracts or early termination fees.