11 Things We Didn’t Know Last Week

News, discoveries and fun … 1. Francis is the first pope on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. (Learn more at Rolling Stone) 2. The Grand Canyon could be 6 million years old … and 70 million years old. (Learn more at NPR) 3. Men are more forgetful than women. (Learn more at Medical News Today) 4. Your cellphone carries 10 times more germs than your toilet. (Learn more at AARP) 5. Cyber criminals are using malicious “RAM scraper” software to steal information about you and …

Your Cellphone Has More Germs Than Your Toilet

It’s certainly extreme, but a recent news story points up how germy a cellphone can be. Reports say a man who stole a cellphone from an Ebola virus quarantine ward in a Ugandan hospital ended up apparently catching the virus from germs on the phone. Obviously, most of us aren’t in close proximity to an Ebola outbreak – or likely to be pinching a phone from a dangerously ill person – but germ expert Charles Gerba, Ph.D., a microbiologist at …

The World’s Simplest Cellphone Made Just for You

How about a phone so simple the button controls are printed on a sticker that is applied to its face? Or a cellphone made just for you with photos of your family as speed dial buttons? Or an anti-smartphone that only makes and receives calls? A phone with all these innovations and more arrived on my desk last week from Age UK with the help of my colleagues at AARP International. Back in August 2012, tech blogs like Engadget were …

The Takeaway: Are You Practicing Safe Sexting?

All right, fess up: How many of you have sent a text message that would make your mama (or teenage daughter) blush? It seems sending X-rated texts–aka “sexting”–isn’t just an indulgence of the young: A recent online survey found one in 10 Americans age 55 or older use their cell phones to sext-message.

The Takeaway: Cellphone Inventor Shines at Webbys; GOP Debate

If it wasn’t for him “we’d probably all be working at White Castle.” In a room where most people were less than half his age, Martin Cooper was clearly THE MAN.

The Takeaway: Weekend Edition

Updated: Jack Kevorkian, 83, dies. The trumpeter of assisted-suicide died Friday in a Detroit Hospital. What you may have missed this week: Dangers of the cellphone: The World Health Organization announced this week that using cell phones could be linked to cancer. More specifically, talkers may be at risk for two types of rare tumors: glioma, a type of brain cancer, and acoustic neuroma, a noncancerous tumor of the nerve that connects the ear to the brain.