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Move Over Boomers! Millennials Claim Population Trophy

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Home & FamilyFor decades, a baby boomer age has had the largest single-year population in the United States. No more. Now boomers have lost the title to their millennial children, with 22-year-olds claiming first place, according to the U.S. Census. Coming in second are 23-year-olds, with 53-year-old boomers in third place. This represents a major demographic shift, considering that from 1947, a year after the baby boom began, until 2010, a boomer age group always held the top spot. The Census Bureau attributes …

Where’s Home Sweet Home? Probably Where You Are

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsAmericans stayed put in record low numbers from 2005 until 2010, according to a new Census Bureau study. Only 35.4 percent of people moved during the period, the lowest rate ever recorded by the Census Current Population Survey, and 4.1 percent lower than during the previous five-year period. Older Americans, who generally relocate less often than younger adults, followed the trend. Less than 14 percent of people 65 and older moved — compared with more than 18 percent from 2000 …

More Men Choose Nursing — And Earn More Than Women

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthMost nurses are women, but the number of male nurses is growing and — no surprise — they earn more than their female counterparts. A new study from the Census Bureau found that while the nursing profession is still overwhelmingly female, the percentage of male nurses has more than tripled, from under 3 percent in 1970 to nearly 10 percent in 2011. The biggest growth has been in nurse anesthetists, which also pays the most, where men’s representation has grown …