At 101, He’s Running … for Congress

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsIf Joe Newman of Sarasota, Fla., makes it to Capitol Hill, he could be a one-man Congressional Centenarian Caucus. Newman, 101, has announced he’s running as a write-in candidate for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Newman has 11 years on Rep. Ralph Hall, R-Texas, who’s the oldest member of Congress. When Newman was learning to walk, William Howard Taft was president. He’s older than Social Security. “At what age does a person become too old to think and reason?” Newman …

Living Long and Loving it in America

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Your LifeIf you are wondering why I am standing on a chair raising my fist and shouting “Right on!” it’s because someone has finally come up with a formula for human longevity that makes sense. If you want to live longer, part of the formula goes, eat out alone at a different posh restaurant every night—and that doesn’t mean a Burger King. The advice was contained in a story from The New York Times that carried an interview with a 103-year-old …

At 100, Still Supporting the Troops One Shoebox at a Time

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Bulletin Today | Your LifeThere’s no slowing down for Lilly Nutter. The superstar volunteer who devotes her time to organizing and sending shoebox care packages to soldiers was on her way out the door to yet another celebration when I reached her today — her 100th birthday. To date, Nutter, of Warren, Ind., has sent 1,181 boxes to troops and is still going strong as she celebrates reaching the centennial mark. The Chicago native already had had five parties and has two more to …

The Takeaway: 101-Year-Old Utah Paraglider Breaks Record

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Bulletin Today“If the notion strikes, I’ll go again,” said Mary Hardison, the 101-year-old Utah woman who just stole a Guinness World Record for oldest female paraglider from a 100-year-old woman from Cyprus, who took her paraglide ride in 2007. According to the Associated Press, Hardison ushered in her birthday last year (on Sept. 1, 2011) with a tandem—accompanied by a guide/instructor—paraglide ride, and was this week officially recognized as the “Oldest Female to Paraglide Tandem.”