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CES Day 3: “Hi, TV. Can I Watch PBS?”

Posted on 01/13/2012 by |AARP Blog Author | Comments

TechnologyWhen I was little, maybe 10, maybe younger, I hated grocery shopping with my mother. All that time, filling a cart, when I could have been absorbed in a book! I’d daydream about how someday, I would design a fridge that somehow knew when we were out of orange juice, and that fridge would just quietly order orange juice, before my mother had even realized we needed more. Magic. Today, standing at the Consumer Electronics Show in LG’s booth, I …

CES 2012, Day One: Stay Connected, Live Longer

Posted on 01/11/2012 by |AARP Blog Author | Comments

TechnologyThe Consumer Electronics Show, held every year in Vegas, promises the newest, best, and the flashiest gadgets. New sparkly TVs may not quite make your lunch, but they will let you order takeout online; for $129, a robot can read your Facebook feed to you. (What? I’ve always wanted my friends’ political speeches and baby updates enunciated in robot voice.) Robots and 3D TVs aside, what you might’ve seen at the Silvers Summit took all that gadgetry and reduced it down …