Archie: The Demise of America’s Oldest Teenager?

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Bulletin TodayCan it be true? Is Archie Andrews really going to die? Archie, the comic book icon in the Riverdale High letter sweater, has been hanging out with best buddy Jughead Jones at The Chok’lit Shop and struggling with the Betty-or-Veronica quandry for more than seven decades. But now comes word that Archie is headed for that great malt shop in the sky. Archie Comics, the publisher of his adventures, has announced that he will “sacrifice himself heroically” while saving the life of …

Ed Lauter: He Played the Characters You Loved to Loathe

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LegacyUnless you’re the rare moviegoer or TV viewer who watches all the end credits, the name Ed Lauter probably won’t ring a bell. But you’d surely  recognize his balding pate, angular nose and jutting, dimpled chin, and his narrow, perpetually squinting eyes. Sign up for the AARP Health Newsletter In his four decades as an actor, Lauter, who died on Oct. 16 at age 74 in West Hollywood, Calif., appeared in more than 200 roles. They ranged from appearances in TV series …